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Bobbi believes that everyone has a book in them.  She decided to start writing her first book in 2014.  She invited other authors to each do a chapter and the rest as they say is history.  She has co-authored 4 books to date and is published her own as the sole contributor in May 2022.   If you want to discuss how to get started on your own literary journey reach out to her. 

Party Planning for Your 100th Birthday. Creating A Life Worth Celebrating.

Bobbi's latest book is available on Amazon.  You can learn so much about yourself by planning and celebrating.  Act today to celebrate yourself and invite those who you want to be at your party.  Don't put off or delay as you alone make the choices about how you will be remembered.  

In the course of writing, Party Planning for Your 100th Birthday, Creating a Life Worth Celebrating, Bobbi created a course on "RELATIONSHIPS".  It is all about building relationships that last.  One of the sections includes being NICE, and she incorporated 101 Random Acts of Kindness that will help you be a NICE person.  Someone that others want to be around and, of course, celebrate.   Download this Workbook and get a taste of what being "NICE" can mean.

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Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Dreams, Love Your Life.  Expert Tips on Creating Abundance, Joy and Success. 

Are you ready to fully embrace Your Destiny, Your Dreams and Your Life? Denise Joy Thompson and 32 amazing authors provide tips on living a renewed life of abundance, joy and success.

Decisive Women: Designing Decision in 5 Minutes or Less

Inspired by her mother’s tenacity and will to live nearly ten years past a lung cancer diagnosis, Nancy Fox became curious about women’s determination to rise above life’s challenges and the why behind each woman’s desire to live and thrive with dignity and self respect.

The everyday-influential women contributing to this book reveal their commitment to the benefits, action, results, and service needed to triumph over life’s challenges. They exemplify the alignment of beliefs and desires of their heart that positively affect themselves, their loved ones and countless others.

Unique and personal stories about relationships, illness, truth, pets, and living life to the fullest are shared by the women authors from various backgrounds including entrepreneurs, parents, experts of all kinds and everyday-influential Decisive Women like you.

Breaking Through, Reinventing After Failure.

Failure is an ever-present phenomena that can create fear and block you from achieving all who you are called to be, to do and to have. Fourteen Authors share their stories of divorces, bankruptcies (both personal and business) and events that they battled against and overcame to achieve happiness and success. Their honesty and tips will encourage and inspire you to persevere and make your way to joy!

How To Pilot When We Were Raised to BE Stewardesses

Twelve Women authors bring you tips and techniques for overcoming stereotypes and discovering your purpose and passion. Each of their stories will give you new insights into tackling life's toughest challenges: Abuse, Bankruptcy, Cancer and Death to name a few of the situations our presenters have had to face. Their experiences and suggestions will encourage you to find and make your own way. They have been able to pilot and land safely even though they were raised to be stewardesses. Our hope is that you will grab the throttle of your own life and start to soar!