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Finding Peace in Solitude

By: Bobbi Govanus Sunday April 5, 2020 comments Tags: #Approval, #Covid-19, #Awareness, #Choices, #Control

What might be the very best outcome from Social Distancing is the solace of not having to be constantly in search of approval by others.  We are not dressing in our most stylish outfits, wearing our Jimmy Choo heels to do laundry or make bread, and certainly not feeling the need to impress our kids with the latest gossip.  Maybe we all needed a time to reset our priorities and take a look at who we are!  

Our neighbors and some family members have lost their jobs.  Everyone knows someone who is sick with the virus.  Many know someone who has died from COVID-19.  Our governments are giving us mixed signals as to what to do to keep safe and no one knows how much longer we will be in isolation.  What can we do to while we are stuck at home to keep ourselves sane?     

To quote a sports phrase, The best defense is a good offense.  By keeping sharp and using this quiet time to look inward, you can come out the other side with a comfort level that will move you forward exponentially.  Since we lack control over much of our lives right now, creating a structure is a huge step toward feeling empowered.  So scheduling some healthy habits will go a long way to helping to keep you calm.  

  • Turn off the news and take a walk. Get outside a couple of times a day.  Just keep the distance of at least six feet.  
  • Read a book
  • Take an online class
  • Create something... Food, Art, Face masks, Crafts, a Memoir or Blog, wherever your heart leads you
  • Write a letter!  Family who is alone, friends who you have not spoken to, armed service personnel would welcome your communication.  
  • Pray.  Many churches are doing services online via Facebook or YouTube.  
  • Bake.  There is a lot of positive vibes around creating the aroma and sustenance of cookies, cakes, and breads.  You can give the goodies to neighbors to avoid the extra pounds.  

Our lives are forever changed by this pandemic.  Let us choose to be in charge of our own change.  By avoiding fear of all kinds and taking positive steps we will be better informed, more confident and ready to act when our world is no longer focusing on survival.  Seek new ways to think of situations and find positive ways to encourage yourself and others.  We can finally realize that what others think of us cannot determine our choices because they really are NOT thinking of us that much!  When all is said and done, it is a great time to look at ourselves and be grateful for what we can do something about.  That is the only thing we can control!  

Bobbi Govanus

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