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Blessings in Turmoil

I was speaking at a conference in Acapulco and flew through Mexico City. I was nervous about changing planes in a foreign city alone, and my inbound flight was late! I rushed to my new gate and made it just in time. My luggage did not! So I got to my hotel with nothing but my carryon. The hotel was on a beach and far from any shopping, so all I had easy access to were the beach vendors. I made friends with several women at the conference, and we headed out to see what we could find for me... Read More

Monday October 26, 2020 comments

Distancing From Approval

Distancing From Approval

What might be the very best outcome from Social Distancing is the solace of not having to be constantly in search of approval by others. We are not dressing in our most stylish outfits, wearing our Jimmy Choo heels to do laundry or make bread, and certainly not feeling the need to impress our kids with the latest gossip. Maybe we all needed a time to reset our priorities and take a look at who we are! Our neighbors and some family members have lost their jobs. Everyone knows someone... Read More

By: Bobbi Govanus Sunday April 5, 2020 comments Tags: #Approval, #Covid-19, #Awareness, #Choices, #Control